GIS & BIM support

Geo-reference and display of assets on territorial maps, on 2D vectorial plans and on 3D BIM models, synchronizable with the design tools using IFC standard files

GIS & BIM support

Online maps

Properties (complexes, buildings, etc.) and infrastructures (networks of roads, bicycle lanes, technological networks, management of natural environment, street furnitures, etc.) can be georefered on online map services, such as OpenStreetMap.

Vector plants

openMAINTis able to manage the traditional 2D vector plants (externally produced with tools like Autodesk Autocad), which can be imported into the system and connected with floors, rooms, installations, technical objects, furnitures, etc.

From the card of an asset, you can get an automatic zoom of the plant, where the asset is located, and you can also graphically edit it. Vice versa, if you surf onto the plants, you can query the icons of the represented objects and move onto the information card of the related asset.

Bim Extensions

openMAINT supports also the recent BIM extensions (Building Information Modeling) used by the main products for the 3D building designing (Autodesk Revit, Graphisoft ArchiCAD and Nemetschek Allplan, etc).

In this case, you can automatically synchronize the information managed inside the 3D designing software with the openMAINT database, by using the open standard format IFC (Industry Foundation Classes):

  • by importing the IFC file (ISO 16739:2013) produced by the external design tool;
  • by updating in the openMAINT database the technical and maintenance sheets of the objects (systems, technical devices, infrastructural elements, etc.) in the imported model, based on configurable mapping rules.

openMAINT provides also an interactive display for 3D models, integrated in its standard user interface, which allows you to view realistically the building rooms and the related asset.

University of Udine

The building features are implemented with the assistance of the open source BIMServer.
The Mathematics and Computer Science Departments of the University of Udine contributed to the realization of such features.

Technical details

Video registration of the webinar of the 4th August 2016
The BIM and its usage advantages and how openMAINT supports BIM

  • short presentation of BIM "Building Information Modeling" and its usage advantages.
  • how openMAINT supports the BIM and how it mangages the maintenance processes.

With the participation of  Federico Lenarduzzi, BIM expert, from Fermat Design company, ARCHICAD distributor and Carlo Zanchetta, ph.D., eng. teacher of building production - University of Padova