Economic Management

Management of budgets, maintenance costs, suppliers and contracts for the purchase of goods and services, registration of purchase orders and related costs, administrative aspects in the management of real estates.

Economic Management

openMAINT implements some features that support the operative maintenance activities for economic management.

  • The budgeting module enables the admin staff to quickly create a three-level budget structure for each site
  • Maintenance costs can be assigned to a budget directly from the maintenance processes
  • Looking at the real estate property business, flexible criteria can be defined to split the expenses among different units and lodgers.

Configured structure

The financial management module is structured to allow several operational functions, such as:

  • define the maintenance expenses budget, and compare it with the recorded costs;
  • exploit the three levels structure, organized by building, to detail the budget entries;
  • register sales or rental contracts for properties;
  •  record the contracts for the purchase of goods and services, including the framework contracts with maintenance technicians and utilities (electricity, gas, telephone, etc.);
  •  record purchase orders for maintenance materials (consumables, spare parts);
  • register the maintenance accounting movements, both in form of supplier invoices and internal costs;
  • register administrative and economic information in the management of real estate assets.

Customized connectors can be developed and configured for possible interactions with ERP systems already in use.

Useful tools

Flexible reporting allows the user to analyze real-time detailed or summary-level accounting data, with multiple viewing options such as discrepancy between planned and actual expenses.

The main reports already included into openMAINT are:

  • Accounting recap: displays the expenses for each maintenance work order, yielding a prepayment invoice;
  • Budget partition matrix: generates a CSV with the budget and costs distribution on each available unit according to the sites partition tables;
  • Budget summary: computes the budget estimate and actual amounts, as well as their comparison, for a given site, unit and period or as a general summary.