What is openMAINT

openMAINT is an open source solution for the Property & Facility Management.

Who needs openMAINT

openMAINT is useful to those who have to maintain the efficiency of their movable assets, every type of installations, urban infrastructures and technological networks in the area.

Why choosing openMAINT

Property & Facility Management System: Advantages to use it. Why you should choose openMAINT


The openMAINT functional areas include: Space & asset inventory, Facility Maintenance, Logistic management, Economic management, Energy & Environment, GIS & BIM support

Mobile APP

The mobile openMAINT can be used with Android and iOS devices

Technical features

openMAINT is based on the open source software CMDBuild, by applying the most advanced planning guidelines and the best technologies

Demo Online

If you want try CMDBuild or CMDBuild READY2USE online demo, fill the form below. We'll send you the account details by e-mail.

The Maintainer

The developer and maintainer of the openMAINT software is Tecnoteca