openMAINT services

Tecnoteca offers most qualified services to help you benefit from the full potential of openMAINT.

Choose the Subscription Enterprise Solution to take advantage of Tecnoteca expertise and ensure the stability of your openMAINT instance.

With the annual subscription you get the value of a professional support including advanced features.

Comparison between self-service and subscription mode.




Get Started Download code from SourceForge. Self installation
Delivery of the ready to be used
appliance (OVF standard)
Modules Space & Asset Inventory
Facility Management (excluding the Self Service Portal)
Logistic Management
Economic Management
Energy & Environment
GIS & BIM support
Non open source features Mobile APP
Self Service Portal
Advanced Connector (framework for the connectors development)
Maintenance Help desk as technical support for questions on
standard configuration
Bug fix with guaranteed SLA
Remote upgrade version
Access to the support and training services Pay-Per-Use Support for Start-Up Activities, consulting
and customizations (additional costs)
Training Courses (additional costs)
Free Ask for quotation

To the Customers who have an active Subscription we suggest:

For further information please visit the Tecnoteca Maintainer website.