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Comunità di Montagna della Carnia (Italy)

To increase its diffusion, let's take a look at some case histories of the last CMDBuild Day.
Here below there is a summary of the ‘Comunità di Montagna della Carnia’ case history, you can find here the complete intervention.

The “Mountain Community of Carnia” provides services to around thirty municipal entities in the area (Carnia is a historical-geographic region of the Italian Eastern Alps, in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region).
The Organization has been using CMDBuild for about 13 years, mainly in the ICT context but not only.
In the first years the objective was solely to manage the IT assets of the participating Municipalities, also using OCS Inventory to keep the information updated.
Then Service Desk processes have been activated, in order to manage the tickets opened by the Municipal Bodies and also to monitor the level of service provided by external suppliers.

The following step has been to use CMDBuild as a support to achieve economies of scale on IT purchases, that is, having the CMDBuild reports and information available, propose to the affiliated bodies renewal plans on the basis of which preparing budgets and activating tenders.
Having started with CMDBuild in one of its initial versions, we then requested customizations to integrate some features of the CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT applications released by Tecnoteca in subsequent years.
In the last period we have then requested further implementations, to manage specific needs of some offices, with the advantage of reusing and sharing the information already present in the system.
For example, thanks to the flexibility and interoperability of CMDBuild, we have integrated the tool with “FVG Pay”, the interface service with national platform “PagoPA” made available by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region to manage online economic transactions, thus allowing the offices to manage the issue of payment notices and collections relating to rental contracts and other agreements.

We have carried out an initial census for the “Single Desk for productive activities” and the management of the archive of licenses and operators, which is also useful in communicating with the Police who contact the office to find out related information.
We have developed an integration with georeferencing applications, integrating CMDBuild with the “Io segnalo” (I signal - city care) app, made available to citizens to report maintenance requests in the area, and then managing the related processes in CMDBuild.
We would then like to use CMDBuild also for booking IT and non-IT assets, including rooms or entire buildings.

Further developments will go in the direction of personnel performance management, with objectives, KPIs, indicators and dashboards that become management and decision-making tools for us.
We would add that, to allow us to be increasingly autonomous in the use and the configuration of CMDBuild, we have requested to Tecnoteca training sessions for our staff.

Ultimately, the CMDBuild platform ensures us a large degree of freedom in being able to model our information, ease of consultation with transversal navigation on the data, integration capacity through the APIs exposed that are used regularly. The degree of satisfaction is therefore very high.

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