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CHNP - Center Hospitalier Neuro-Psychiatrique (Luxembourg)

The Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Center is located in Luxembourg and its mission is to offer the best possible health care and environment supervision to the people entrusted to the institution.

CHNP is structured into 3 entities, each specifically dedicated to a type of population:

  • “Rehaklink”, for patients with psychiatric and psychologic diseases;
  • “Pontalize”, for care and support activities for the elderly;
  • “De Park”, for care and socio-educational support activities for people with mental disabilities.

Some figures about CHNP: there are more than 450 beds and more than 700 employees. There are more than 15 complexes, over 8 locations, in total more than 50 building with more than 3800 rooms (included technical).

We have started using openMAINT at the beginning of year 2018, and the following have been our main criteria in the selection of the software:

  • Ability to manage the solution by multiple actors;
  • Ability to manage corrective and preventive maintenance workflows;
  • Ability to import easily information from BIM projects (using IFC files);
  • Ability to synchronize information with other systems (DB, counters, tools);
  • Ability to manage contracts;
  • Presence of a Self-Service Portal for providing access to end-users;
  • Possibility to manage the project implementation with a minimum of external assistance and custom development.

Here below there are some figures about our project with openMAINT nowadays:

  • More than 90 openMAINT (technical) Users.
  • Portal used by about 700 employees:
    • For maintenance request (more than 400/month);
    • Undesirable event declaration (risk management);
    • Rooms labelling.
  • Software fully used for:
    • Contract management;
    • IT management;
    • Risk management.

At the moment CHNP is engaged in an important building renewal and a new construction process, and we are very happy to have the openMAINT solution to assist us in this change management.

I would like to thank very much the Tecnoteca Technical Support Team, and especially Anna as Project Manager, for the high-level support and patience.

Marc Wilmart (IT Manager)