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openMAINT 2.1 30 September 2020

The new openMAINT 2.1 version is available, enriched with new features relating in particular to the management of Preventive and Corrective Maintenance and based on the core code of CMDBuild 3.3.

In Preventive Maintenance it is now possible to:

  • have the calendar of the scheduled maintenance activities generated automatically, instead of manually as now;
  • use a user interface with optimized usability to record the results of the inspections and maintenance activities expected in the maintenance plan (check list);
  • check and configure the SLAs on the execution times of each activity phase.

In Corrective Maintenance it is now possible to:

  • request an initial quote from one or more suppliers and thus identify the one to whom the job should be assigned;
  • define multiple work orders (sub-activities) to solve the same fault, assignable to teams with different skills and different priorities and SLAs;
  • record the working times differentiated by type of professional figure and calculate the costs on the basis of a price list of labor;
  • record the spare parts and consumables used, download them from the warehouse and calculate costs on the basis of a price list of materials;
  • view the economic data in a final step of reporting and print the pre-invoice.