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CMDBuild 3.4.2 6 July 2023

We have released CMDBuild 3.4.2 version.
We report here below the list of news:

Webhooks are user-defined HTTP callbacks to invoke the execution of external code when a specific event occurs in the controlled system. The new version of CMDBuild supports this mode, which is configurable from a specific function of the Administration Module.

Tasks for the management of the waterWAY “gates”
The possibility of configuring a new type of task in the Task manager for the programmed execution of the waterWAY “gate” (Service bus) is added.

Personalized management in the authentication phase
Two entry points are made available, programmable in a personalized way in Groovy language, to obtain custom behavior during user authentication. The first entry point is executed before the “get” of the user (for example to create non-existent users, to update some information, etc.), the second before the “get” of the group (for example to intervene on the CMDBuild permissions by updating them with those of the authentication system).

Limited Administrators
You can refer to the in-depth analysis published in the newsletter n. 95 .

Mobile APP setup page
In the user menu there is a new function for the registration and simplified configuration of the Mobile APP, using a special QR Code generated by the system according to the settings entered by the administrator in a new page of the Administration Module for mobile configurations.

Email improvements
It is possible to add attachments in the email templates, both by recalling (even with filters) an attachment of a CMDBuild form, and by executing and attaching a report. When configuring the template, it is possible to choose the type of attachment and preset any parameters.
Another improvement allows from the Administration Module to view the list of “error emails”, solve any problems and then try to send again.
Then new functions is added to the email task for ignoring auto-generated emails (e.g., autoresponders) and for executing data imports from email attachments or executing waterWAY “gates”.

Improved display of the History TAB
It is possible to request the display of only the modified attributes instead of the entire form, and it is possible to select one or more attributes and view only the sequence of changes to those attributes. It is also possible to download a CSV file with the information reported on the History TAB in the selected settings.

Improvements in the display of the Attachments TAB
It is possible to define which metadata of the document models to include in the grid-type view. The grid has a new “Extended data” button which shows the configured metadata for each document category, in a similar way to the Relations TAB.

Navigation menu: favorites folder and search
It is possible to view a “favorites” folder in the navigation menu that each user can populate with the functions of interest (right click with the mouse to add / remove).
In the same navigation menu, you can also find an item of interest using a special search box.

Language management
Language management is improved so that the language chosen by the user in the preferences configuration page is maintained on each device from which the user connects to CMDBuild, regardless of the language used in the login page.

Mobile APP push notifications
An important improvement in the functioning of the APP is available in CMDBuild 3.4.2, which allows the reception of “push” notifications. You can find a technical insight into this new feature in the newsletter n. 96.

More improvements
In CMDBuild 3.4.2 it is also be possible to:

  • define a filter to be applied when creating new relations (Relations TAB);
  • add the tenant column in the export templates, and associate the data loaded with the import templates with the indicated tenant;
  • manage encrypted passwords when accessing external systems via waterWAY connectors;
  • disable the use of REST V2 and SOAP webservices that have been deprecated in previous versions;
  • assign permissions to groups directly from the management of the different types of objects (classes, processes, views, filters, dashboards, reports, custom pages, import/export templates), as well as from the centralized permission management function;
  • disable some attributes from loading on the grid through a dedicated setting on the attribute and to disable the global search on some objects (in both cases in order to improve system performance);

Moreover there are improvements to the initial dashboard in the Administration Module and the revision and completion of optimizations for the support of cluster architectures (see in-depth analysis in the newsletter n. 97).

The changelog is available for the complete list.