openMAINT 2.1


New Features

* Costs and accounting management for corrective maintenance using price lists
* Estimate requests managament for corrective maintenance
* Subtasks generation for corrective maintenance
* Automatic generation of preventive maintenance calendar
* Unload of spare parts from warehouse for corrective maintenance
* ActivityReport included as attachment in the emails
* ActivityReport shows preventive maintenance checklist outcomes
* New reports showing costs related to corrective maintenance
* New report for printing the asset inventory at a certain date
* New custom page for preventive maintenance calendar
* New custom page with a more user-friendly interface for preventive maintenance and checklists execution
* New custom page for corrective maintenance execution with hierarchical view of subtasks
* Improvements and new reports to budget management
* Improvements to cadastral data for properties
* Improvements to SLA configuration
* Partion tables management for costs breakdown between different properties
* New dashboards for preventive maintenance
* New dashboards for meter readings and consumptions
* Scheduler configuration for contracts expiration


* Fixed email translations and minor improvements
* Removed legacy and duplicated portal function that cause issues
* Fixed trigger function on TaskInstance classes tt_taskinstance_data()
* Fixed negative interval value if initial and final timsetamps are outside a working range
* Fixed missing filters on Employee class
* Fixed wrong filter on Unit class

openMAINT 2


New Features

  • Global refactoring and improvements

openMAINT 1.1


New Features

  • Workorder process flow revision
  • Maintenance Request flow revision
  • Simpler configuration mechanism for time-based preventive maintenance
  • Future preventive workorders are visible in a calendar class
  • Meter-based preventive maintenance implementation
  • New process for generating QR codes
  • New French localization
  • Inventory and Maintenance reports improvements
  • Inventory and Maintenance dashboards improvements
  • New domain Department-Person
  • Self-service portal utilities
  • Improvements to comments, triggers, constraints, lookups on the data model


  • Misconfiguration of UpdateStartWorkorder task
  • Wrong Italian translations of some reports
  • Unused BuildingBimProject domain when bim is not configured
  • Processes ticket numbers fix
  • Unused metadata must be removed

openMAINT 1.0


New Features

  • extension of the warehouse workflow movement (spare parts and consumer products) in order to manage the movement of technical assets (installations and devices) during their life cycle
  • additional reports
    • Item barcodes
    • Warehouse movements for type
    • Warehouse movements for item
    • MTBF - Mean Time Between Failures
  • new maintenance workflow extension, in which an optimized sub flow is inserted to facilitate the work of the technicians who sill use mobile devices
  • mobile integration


openMAINT 0.9


New Features

  • additional flow simplified in the workflow maintenance to failure,
  • new entities for the management of payments associated with a contract for the management of maintenance expenses per unit,
  • improvements to workflow purchase requests


openMAINT 0.8