Which database does openMAINT work with?

openMAINT only works with the PostgreSQL ( http://www.postgresql.org/ ) database, not just because it is the most advanced open source database but also because it is able to work natively with the hierarchies of "superclass" and "classes" implemented in openMAINT (eg.  Inventory Item => Asset => Device => Electrical device => Electric power unit, Inventory Item => Asset => Device => Furnishing => Table, Contract => Site contract => Rent, Stakeholder => Company Stakeholder => Person), sharing the basic attributes and relationships and specializing the typical attributes.

The PostgreSQL SQL language accepts commands such as "create table x inherits y" and openMAINT widely uses this feature to model its DB in "object oriented" way.

The porting to other databases would be a very costly activity.
It is not just to rewrite the persistence layer, which is currently based on functions and trigger system of PostgreSQL, but also to implement a module that simulates the mechanism of "inheritance" of tables.

If PostgreSQL is not included in your IT standards, you can consider PostgreSQL as a component "embedded" in openMAINT and manage it using the assistance of the Tecnoteca technicians.