How can I install openMAINT?

The installation of openMAINT requires that you have already installed these basic products:

  • PostgreSQL database (it must be started and accessible)
  • Tomcat application server (not to be started)
  • the DMS Alfresco
  • the Java environment
  • Warning: you must to be careful to use directories not containing spaces within the entire path.

    Then you start the PostgreSQL service and possibly (but it is not mandatory) the Alfresco service.

    After completion of this operations, the installation the standard openMAINT is very simple:

    • download the compressed file (ZIP file) corresponding to the last version released
    • copy the libraries in extras/tomcat-libs, for the Tomcat version you  will be installing CMDBuild in, to the Tomcat "libs" directory (as  written in the INSTALL.txt file present in that folder)
    • copy the libraries in scheduler/tomcat-libs to the Tomcat "libs" directory
    • copy openmaint-{version}.war in the Tomcat "webapps" directory, renaming it to openmaint.war
    • copy cmdbuild-shark-server-{version}.war in the Tomcat "webapps" directory, renaming it to shark.war
    • create a new database in your PostgreSQL installation, then restore one of the databases in the database folder
    • start the Tomcat application server
    • start the application and set the following parameters in the Configuration form
      • CMDBuild Database Type: Existing
      • CMDBuild Database name: the name of the database that you have just  created
    • log in the application using one of the provided sample
      • users user with administrator privileges Username: admin - Password: admin
      • user without administrator privileges - Username: demouser - Password: demo
    • go to Administration -> Setup -> Workflow and set "Enabled" = true and fill the "Server URL" field with the URL of shark (e.g. http://localhost:8080/shark)
    • stop the Tomcat application server
    • go to webapps and remove the files openmaint.war and shark.war
    • go to weapps/shark/META-INF/context.xml and change the database name from ${cmdbuild} to the name that you gave to your database
    • go to weapps/shark/conf/Shark.conf and set the parameter "" with the url of your openmaint application (e.g. http://localhost:8080/openmaint)
    • restart the Tomcat application server 

    Please refer to the Technical Manual of CMDBuild for further details.