Space & Asset Inventory

Inventory of real estate assets, plants and related components, for a complete knowledge of their technical and functional characteristics.

Space & Asset Inventory

Each Property and Facility Management activity is based on the concrete and detailed knowledge of the managed real estate and amount of assets.

False or missing data can damage the result of operative activities, causing the partial work useless.

Thanks to datacards, openMAINT allows to inventory and manage specific workflows and reports

  • housing complexes, buildings, floors, rooms
  • installations (electrical plant, waterworks, heating / air conditioning system, drainage system, security, data transmission, etc.)
  • technical assets belonging to the above-mentioned plants
  • furniture
  • external infrastructure (road networks, cycle lane, lighting, etc) and green areas (gardens, parks, etc.)

For each object in the inventory, openMAINT manages the following types of information

  • ID registry: codes and other identification / localisation elements, etc.
  • technical registry: physical and performance features, consistency (size, surface, volumes), preservation status, etc.
  • functional registry: purposes, operational procedures, rules, staff representative, etc.
  • administrative registry: rental agreement and purchase agreements, supply contracts, utilities, legal status, amortizations, maintenance, etc.
  • documental registry:  collection of documents, images, descriptive videos of the asset.

The above-mentioned information can be used:

  • through the different ways to consult and search data available in the application standard user interface
  • in a detailed analysis, through proper reports (which can also be forwarded via email)
  • in a quick-scan, through proper dashboards and statistical reports

Each maintenance object can be represented

  • on geographic maps (OpenStreetMap)
  • on  vector plants loaded into the system and manually correlated to each floor and room
  • on 3D models automatically imported from BIM-compliant products (through IFC exchange files)

We are able to support you assuming partially or completely the activities that are necessary for the first activation of a Property & Facility Management system

  • inventory / measurement / cataloguing of assets
  • check / normalisation of the collected information and data entry into the application
  • draw and importation of plants / BIM compliant models