Energy & Environment

Recording and analysis of energy consumption data of buildings.

Energy & Environment

Energy and enviroment control

openMAINT implements some support functions for managing some aspects of energy consumption in buildings.

In particular it is possible:

  • fill in the energy performance sheet of a building
  • record meter readings
  • record other useful measures for controlling the energy performance of a building.

IoT solutions

Complex IOT solutions can be supplied, integrated with openMAINT, with:

  • a large number of drivers already available to interface with the most common devices on the market (both “building” and “industrial” worlds);
  • an architecture with multiple levels of concentrators to operate with distributed infrastructures;
  • possibility of device discovery;
  • batch reading of information on energy consumption;
  • batch reading of device operating parameters;
  • real time reception of alarms;
  • possible sending of commands to the devices.